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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 31, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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should have been prevented. >> a drive-by shooting -- nine people are shot in the broadest of gunfire. -- in a barrage of gunfire. >> i can't believe it happened. >> according to sources, four people were killed. the crowd had attended a funeral earlier in the day. that person was killed last week went resources say he was killed over a stolen bases. he was killed sitting in a car. sources say they're trying to get him off the street. after the murder, he was shot but survived. police were concerned about more oodshed and tried to get a warrant for his arrest, but prosecutors would not sign off. >> they have a witness and said we know. i said why is he still on the
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street? >> he says he believes the blood bath could have been prevented. sources say they took to the streets last night and opened fire. >> i knew evrybody. >> there was a massive police chase, reaching speeds of hundred miles an hour. officers were hurt in the crash, but police say again may have been used in the murder last week and caught three suspects. one of them was this man. what some highly our rage that city officials to did not act. >> we understand he may get what he has been asking for for the last week and we understand that when orlando carter is charged in court th evening that he will be charged with the murder of jordan and last night's mass shooting. >> we are hearing from the
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families of some of the mass shooting victims. relatives say they left the funeral, inspired that so many young people in attendance seemed to take the words of the creature seriously. hours later, shots rang out. one grandfather founded the teenager as he lay dying. >> i remember the issues he had on. he was still -- i remember that the issues he had on. >> he is on his way back to washington and is expected to join the police chief about the shootings later tonight. we will continue to follow this story and bring you latest tonight at 11:00. for updates throughout the evening, go to >> president obama broke with 20
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years of federal government policy and announced he will allow more offshore drilling, making one local governor happy but not everyone is happy. >> some wonder if it's a major contradiction for the president, who on the campaign trail seemed to mock the chance of "drill, baby, drill." today, the turnabout is sparking debate. to many, it is the sound of money and it will be ringing oudly of the coast of virginia. >> this announcement is part of a strategy that will move us from an economy that runs on fossil fuel and foreign oil to one that relies on homegrown feels and clean energy. >> the president is lifting a 20-year ban on offshore drilling and oil and gas exploration off the coast and expanding lease sales from delaware to florida. >> this is a great day for va. >> the virginia governor says it
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will lead to thousands of investments and environmentalists are livid, even democratic lawmakers. maryland senators today said it will companies have over 60 million domestic acres of area that could be drilled today, but they said idol and that should be utilized before risking permit damage to some of the nation's most senitive areas, including the chesapeake bay. >> none of this should have been a surprise to anybody. >> but barack obama, the candidate, gave a different impression, promising not to drill the coastline trade the administration now says it's a necessary step toward independence. getting approval from some republicans who campaigned against mr. obama on that very platform. it has been said this is all a way to get bipartisan support for future larger energy legislation, but not all republicans are happy.
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the republicans closed off areas to drill it like bristol bay in alaska where republicans contend the largest supply could still be found. >> thank you. the united states is pledging more than a bllion dollars to help haiti rebuild after the deadly earthquake in january. secretary of state, hillary clinton, along with former president bill clinton, joined a you landowners commission encouraging donors to donate $3.8 billion. >> we're following developments in russia -- a chechen militant leader has claimed responsibility for this week's deadly subway bombings in moscow. a video claims the attacks were an act of revenge for the killings of civilians by russian security forces. the militants warned of more attacks as of the video was released. two new suicide bombings targeted moscow police officers, leaving 12 people dead. >> of the trial began today for
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five northern virginia man plant -- accused of planning terrorist attacks in pakistan and other countries. they deny having any connection to terrorists and say they have been tortured in prison. the disappeared from the metro area and arrested in pakistan. officials in pakistan say they have evidence they were planning specific tax. >> air travelers will soon have another choice when flying out of reagan's national. coming up, went jet blew will be touching down. >> -- when jetblue will be touching down. >> what is new at the stadium? i will show you coming up. >> and how much longer you have to see the cherry blossoms at their very best. >> lots of sunshine today. it's just the beginning of a long-term warming trend. we will have e forecast coming up.
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>> now that vincent gray is running for mayor, his counsel ship is up for grabs. both jack evans and kwame brown say they will run up for the position he will take: the mayor for the democratic nomination >> aim attempt to impeach the
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attorney general has been batted down. the attempt will not move to the full house. the articles of impeachment -- articles of impeachment were brought when he issued an opinion last month saying maryland should recognize same- sex marriages performed elsewhere. >> after some back and forth on the issue, republican senator kay bailey hutchison said she will finish her term. she ran against the incumbent governor and the primary and lost. she said she would keep her seat no matter what happened, but at a news conference today, she said she would serve out her third term because she is concerned about the direction of the country. >> jetblue will be a new tenant at reagan international airport. they will start flights out of the airport in november. there'll be eight daily flights to east coast destinations. they made a deal with american airlines to gain the flights. a already fly out of marshall
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and dulles. >> changes are coming -- what you need to know before you head to the ballpark. >> will the weather cooperate on the opening day? we have the 7-forecast. >> i will tell you about the redskins' preseason schedule. let this be a reminder -- if you're going to opening day, baseball will get to you in a hurry. wait till you
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>> is finally starting to feel like baseball whether. >> today, we got a sneak peek of what's new at the park. >> there are some interesting new wrinkles out here and they have been working hard to get things in place. still a lot of work to be done before they welcome 40,000 people and the president of the united states. the rush is on. to put the finishing touches on the part in time to welcome the monday opening day crowd. for those of you going to the game, come early because
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president obama will be throwing out the first pitch and a security will be tight. you will notice some changes. the executive chef spent the off-season creating new dishes that will be offered. everything from cupcakes to every kind of hot dog unimaginable to some healthy choices. >> 8 chopped basil salad and a grilled vegetable rap sandwiches. >> the restaurant has undergone a facelift and you can buy food and watch the game. >> anybody in the ballpark can come and use them. you can take a seat and enjoy the game. >> the diamond club has been redesigned. >> we have new finishes and furniture. we have new high-definition televisions provided by sony. >> the scoreboard has been expanded. what other big changes parking. the shuttles from the rfk
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parking lots have been cancelled and to new parking lots have been opened. back here live at the park, it's exciting with st a couple of days before opening day. if you are coming to the game, are right at least 90 minutes before game time so that you can get through all the security for the president. if you want more information about opening day, go to our web site, and good to keywords, opening day. >> thank you. >> good weather for opening day? >> partly cloudy skies and probably about 72 degrees. let's start the coverage up on the roof and a look around the area -- if you high and then clouds with the ocean storm we were dealing with yesterday.
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the wins will continue to diminish and a lot of cloud cover will get out as high pressure builds in. very little in way of cloudiness but very comfortable with temperatures around 70 in many areas. 70 degrees in chevy chase right now. 71 in fairfax and a high of 71 today. currently 69 degrees. the official numbers for washington dc from reagan national airport -- 71 and 49 are the official high and low. just a trace of rain after midnight. temperatures are in good shape, the only problem is pollen and even though there was some rain yesterday, the pollen count was high for tree pollen. going forward with a warm and sunny weather, it will continue to be high and then grass and weeds will catch up.
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70 degrees in gaithersburg. frederiksberg hanging on to 73 degrees. temperatures warmer than they were yesterday at this time. 18 degrees in gathersburg. 15 degrees warmer in fairfax. all good stuff if you like warm and sunny weather. 81 degrees in kansas city. 82 in dallas. the warm air going eastward as the trailing edge of the storm moves away. you can see the cloud of circulation move out with high clouds here. high pressure building at the surface and stacking up in the atmosphere. that will keep as bright and sunny and warm. here is your express' forecast going through the day tomorrow. 75 degrees with sunshine in the afternoon. checkout friday and saturday
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with lots of sun near 80 degrees. a weak disturbance could give us a few clouds with no rain expected. beautiful spring weather right through the middle of next week. >> how many more to go before the playoffs? >> this is in it. the caps have to have some concerns. over the last two seasons, they have done very well in the month of april, closing at the regular season, undefeated at home and tomorrow night they host the thrashers. before the shooter round of this morning, a festive atmosphere but it seems bruce was concerned with the way march was closed out. three straight losses and again last night, let's go back --
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they were down 3-1 and they have now been outscored 9-1 in the first of the last three games. it seems like the players are starting to hear them loud and clear. >> you want to be on an upswing and not a downfall. we did some good things and made a lot of big mistakes. >> we have to pick up our game little bet and play like the playoffs have started already. >> the caps a trying to build momentum. the redskins' head coach was in austin, texas to watch a longhorns quarterback work out today. the skins announced their preseason opponents and we know they will play the buffalo bills at home and of the ravens will visit fedex field in august. the skins will play the jets and the cardinals on the road.
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the cardinals were beat by the mets and florida. he may have lost the shortstop job but he has not lost his stroke. two doubles and drove in a pair of runs today. after the 0-11 start, the nationals have gone nine and seven and gaining momentum for opening day. a scary moment in tampa -- the twins' lead header with this fall ball into the stands. he was concerned and the fall ball hit his mom with a line drive. she was with 20 family members and later returned to the stadium. she sat in a different seat. what are the chances of that? 8000 vans and he hit his mother with a foul ball. the wizards played new orleans tonight and washington has lost 16 games in a row. they blew a four point lead late in that game. but this shot was a prayer. this was hit with less than a
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minute off the backboard. he had to laugh at that one. came off the bench to score. 98-94 was the final. 16 losses in a row for the lizards. are shot of the day -- watched this -- trying to beat the clock. the go. it was after the buzzer but does not count. the shot got there too late. as we had to the final week of college basketball, it looks more and more like texture the field will expand. 96 teams will go to the big dance. from 65 to 96. they're getting more money, a bigger tv contract but alluding to games. >> its going to last forever. >> and you won't get the attention you have now. >> will be march madness, april madness -- >> we will see you in september. >> president obama's agenda is
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getting mixed reviews on capitol hill. >> members on both sides of the aisle say wall street crackdowns are coming, but progress on more contentious items like climate change in immigration reform is probably not. the issue is democratic leaders are torn between his desire to take advantage of helping majorities before the midterm and their survival instincts. as party leaders of the course for the rest of the year, some democrats in tough reelection races may not be on board for
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>> the cherry blossom festival -- the peak blooming time was moved up today and tomorrow. hundreds of people why the title basin and enjoyed the flowers and sunshine. they expect even more crowds this weekend. the cherry blossom festival goes through april 11th with the parade set for april 10th. we are proud to be a festival sponsor. for a list of events, go to, keyword carry blossoms. >> picture perfect weather for any activities around the tidal basin. sunshine and mid-70s. near 80 degrees on friday and saturday. a few clouds with highs in the mid-70s. >> you made it all away.
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